Tommy James may be little but he knows how to wrangle in a bully like Bo Jones.
A cowboy’s story about wit and determination. Tommy James may be the littlest cowboy in Reckon' but he has the heart and determination of a giant. Bullied by Bo Jones, he quickly figures out how to get around this local cowboy. This award winner is the first in the series. Ages, any buckaroo 3-8

​ISBN: 978-0692104491

Hey, Little Beachcomber, what do you say? Let's take trip to the beach today! Cold root beer at the pier, seagulls, quick dips, beach-sand pies. The book proves a day on the beach is nothing but a whale of a good time!

Hey, Little Beachcomer-March 2019


A picture book to inspire peace and kindness all over the world by doing.

Each of us can add something positive to this world. From feeding the homeless or sharing a hug. We can make a difference whether big or small. We challenge you to "BE THE ONE." 

Ages 2-102

ISBN: 978-1-7325541-2-2

Theme: Adoption, blended family, acceptance, animals, babies, humor 

Set in Japan during the 17th century, For hundreds of years, sushi has been considered an art, crafted and dominated only by men. Kitty’s aspirations could affect her and her entire family forever. Readers will cheer her on as she proves that her determination and passion is of a true sushi champion. ​Ages: 7-12

ISBN: 978-0-692-99737-6

​Theme: Bullying, friendship, self-awareness, problem-solving

Theme: Concept book, Friendship, community, sharing

Little Lena And The Big Table-January 2019

Little Lena has her heart set to sit at the big table. But every year her family tells her she's just not big enough. Little Lena is determined to show everyone how big she is. This book is full of chaos and heartfelt charm. 

​Ages: 3-8

Janet's Planet® Explorers In Space-April 2019

Theme: History, Japan, sushi, empowerment, equality

Zee loves being a caterpillar and can't see himself any other way. His insect friends prod him and tell him about the great joys of change. Zee is determined to stay put, but Mother Nature has her own timeline. 

Ages: 3-8
​ISBN: 978-1732554108

​Themes: Unconditional love, traditions, holiday, relationships

A girl's world is turned upside-down when her mother decides to remarry. She is determined to keep the "steps" out of her life. The girl eventually realizes the benefits to her step-siblings. This lighthearted story will reassure children that in spite of change, the outcome is worth the transition. Nominated in 2012 as a finalist in National Association of Elementary School Principals contest. Ages: 3-8
ISBN: 9781523417414

One blue bird has found the best place to nest. Soon other animals think it's the ideal place to be, too. The blue bird decides it's no longer the "best tree to nest in." She finds a new home but something is missing. In the end, the little blue bird realizes there is one thing more valuable than nesting in her favorite tree. ​Ages: 1-5

ISBN: 988-0692704790

Theme: Gender-neutral, being different, acceptance, tolerance, friendship

Lily, an adopted pup, has won the hearts of her parents. She's their world until they adopt one more. Lily sees her new arrival, Smelly Cat, as a nuisance and wants it gone. Can this pup see the advantages of having a Smelly Cat around? Ages: 3-8

​ISBN: 978-0692079546

Anthill For Sale-November 2018

Alvin and his wife decide to sell the home they have lived in most of their lives. Alvin shows his home to potential homeowners. The buyers can't see the beauty in the anthill and want to change everything about it. Alvin is frustrated that they cannot see what he sees: happy times. Alvin relives all the memories of he and his family have shared in this home. Alvin has a change of heart and must convince his wife the anthill is their only place to call home.  Ages: 3-8

ISBN: 978-1-7325541-1-5

Iggy Loo has spent a lifetime in his snow globe being admired by the little redhead. Yet more than anything, he craves to experience life outside his globe. Through one shattering event he gets his wish. See if this penguin will learn that life's simple pleasures are what make living in a snow globe so extraordinary. ​Ages: 1-101

​ISBN: 978-0692098547

Disclaimer: No pronouns were hurt in this book.

Sami loves wearing high-heel shoes and doesn't care to follow the herd. The other giraffes thinks the idea is absurd. In the end, the herd realizes could be something special about being different. Focusing on it's great to be you. Ages: 3-8
​ISBN: 978-0692138489

Theme: Change, life, nature, acceptance, encouragement

Theme: Sibling-rivalry, sharing, blend family, birth order, aceeptance

Did you ever want to be an astronaut? Have you ever thought about becoming a Space Miner or a Space Geologist. No? Well, climb aboard and think, think, think as we explore jobs in space.