One morning, a playful game of "big belly" between two toddlers (brother & sister). That was how the name Big Belly Book Co. was born.

‚ÄčThis is a small boutique imprint who is very dedicated to each relationship that's built between any author, illustrator or customer. Big Belly Book Co. makes it a priority to give every book the attention it deserves.

If you're an author and have a great picture book story, Big Belly Book Co. would love to hear it. Please send me a small bio, synopsis of manuscript, word count and the manuscript in the body of the email. Do not attach anything unless requested. Response time is two days to two weeks. 

Illustrators, please send your links. If interested will contact.

If your a brick & mortar, teacher or librarian, please use the contact tab to contact Big Belly Book Co. Response time is 24 hours. 

Thank you so much for seeking out Big Belly Book Co. 

Maria Ashworth
Owner, Big Belly Book Co.

 . . . And Made It Into A Dream

It All Started With An Idea . . .